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RO2900 ARAD Calea Aurel Vlaicu bloc 7-ap31
Tel.:+407 44 24 82 69

We have 10 years old practise in design, build and interior decoration territory of bowling and nine pin bowling and we have 2 years old practise in operation of bowling centers.
We built almost 600 lane in many country of the world.
We can assemble our lanes with string machine and pinspotter also.
We use the most advanced scoringsystem to our bowling lanes which is appease every type of claim.
We are building the construction of bowling lane on static sized and underconstruction.
At the building of our lanes the capital aspect that it would be adapted to organization of profession competitions and for the top of grafitication of the amateurish players claim.
This claim is insure by ABC ( American Bowling Congress) which our bowling lanes are disposing.
Accessories of the successful bowling center: syntetic lane, computer scoring system and controlled completely automatic pinspotter by computer.
Our advantage is reside in resiliency, agility and to take notice of claims of our customer.

We take on:

  • Design of bowling and nine pin bowling from contemplation to realization
  • We can help by consultation to find and realization of the option circulate increase arranging solves
  • For a new style formulate, planning and execution of available bowling centers
  • We are bringing in used and renewed bowling lanes also


  • Bowling and nine pin bowling automats services
  • Bowling and nine pin bowlings maintenance, repaining
  • Bowling and nine pin bowling cleaning

Occassionally or in frame of maintenance agreement.

Some of products:

  • Bowling and nine pin bowling pins
  • Bowling and nine pin bowling balls
  • Bowling shoe’s
  • Bowling ball jig
  • 3m giant pin
  • 1m big pin
  • parts


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